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[picture: Fourteenth Century Man]

Fourteenth Century Man

Showing how men dressed in the fourteenth century.

[picture: Aries]


Aries comes under the entry for the 20th of March: [more...]

[picture: Vernal Equinox]

Vernal Equinox

Perhaps not a very clear illustration of an equinox, but still a pretty woodcut of the Sun’s rays reaching the Earth.

[picture: April]


April is a youth with curly hair and carrying a garland. He wears a tunic and sandals, with a cape billowing out behind him in the wind, and he rides a bucking bull that is jumping up out of a puddle, reminding us that [in England] April is a season [...] [more...]

[picture: May]


A poem beneath the picture reads as follows: [more...]

[picture: St. John in the Isle of Patmos.]

St. John in the Isle of Patmos.

Saint John the Evangelist is shown writing onto sheets of paper with a large eagle behind him; a staff and pouch are at his side, and he wears animal skins and sandals. He hasa long white beard. [more...]

[picture: Francis Grose, Esq. F.S.A. etc.]

Francis Grose, Esq. F.S.A. etc.

Francis Grose was a well-known historian and lexicographer. There are some scanned images from his Antiquities and also his 1811 dictionary of slang and a short biogrify of Fancis Grose. [more...]

[picture: June]


(page 738) [more...]

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