English Homes Vol III no. 1, Late Tudor (page 2/4)

[picture: 335.---The Great Chamber, Looking North.]

335.—The Great Chamber, Looking North.

“It will be noticed that the ceiling is a reproduction of that in the ballroom at Knole (Fig. 294). The panelling is similar to that in the dining-room below, and all came out of the Quenby attics. It forms a beautiful and subdued background for the interesting pictures and [...] latter there are four pieces, evidently of a set, of fine colour and design and with admirable early seventeenth century borders. Horesemen are hunting lions, tigers, and other animals in forests. With full regard to the old spirit, the floor was made of oak planks of varying widths, but all broad and massive. The room has three bays, of which the great ones over the porches give immense character to the room. That over the entrance door is all window, there being ten lights. It is a delightful vantage ground from which to enjoy the grand western view.” (pp. 293, 294). [more...]

[picture: Cranborne Manor House: The Loggia]

Cranborne Manor House: The Loggia

Located near Wimborne, Dorset, and now known for its gardens. It was originally built at the start of the 13th Century, but the entrance shown here is much later, postdating the English Civil War. [more...]

[picture: Jacobean Houses in Frankwell, Shrewsbury]

Jacobean Houses in Frankwell, Shrewsbury

These houses were built some time after 1620, so they are after the Tudor period.

[picture: Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point]

Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point

The porch and oriel projections are small, and gable-ended wings stretch forth. [p. xvi]. Nowadays you can stay at Stanton Court Cottages (I think this is the same place; it’s near Broadway, Worcestershire, if so). [more...]

[picture: Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point]

Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point

This is a version that I coloured slightly. The photographs in the book are monochrome, so this is just a guess on my part.

[picture: 92.---Kirby Hall]

92.—Kirby Hall

92. – The Porch and Hall Windows.
As seen through the central arch of the loggia.

[picture: 117.---Mantelpiece in the Gallery]

117.—Mantelpiece in the Gallery

Beaudesert was largely demolished in 1936, although the ruins are still there. The building dated from the 15th century, with 16th century additions. This photograph must have been taken not long before the demolition. There are 17 pictures of it, and [...] [more...]

[picture: 150.---Daneway House, Gloucestershire.]

150.—Daneway House, Gloucestershire.

Plate 150 - The Entry

probably early 15th century in origin.

[picture: Condover Hall, Shropshire: Corner of the North Elevation]

169.—Condover Hall, Shropshire

A Corner of the North Elevation showing the position of the lead heads. [more...]

[picture: 194.---The Parapet]

194.—The Parapet

Taken at Condover Hall, Shropshire.

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