Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes


Pictures from “Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes
historisch und systematisch dargestellt
” which is, The Ecclesiastical architecture of the West represented historically and systematically, by Georg Gottfried Julius Dehio (1850 – 1932), and Gustav von Bezold (1848 – 1934), Stuttgart, 1884.

This is a large (folio, roughly A3 size) portfolio of individual sheets printed with many plates or engravings of architectural drawings of religious buildings. Each sheet is labeled with a book and chapter number; it looks like I have illustrations for books I and II, but since I have only the illustrations and not the text that’s about all I know.

Georg Dehio was an Estonian art historian and professor of art history in Königsberg. Gustav von Bezold was an architectural historian who directed the Nurenberg museum of German history.

Most sources say this book was published later than 1884 so it’s possible there’s an error on the cover (there’s no title page in the prints).

I bought this item from an awesome second-hand bookshop in Prague, Antikvariát Dlážděná.

A later edition is online at archive.org

[picture: Front Cover, Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes]

Front Cover, Die Kirchliche Baukunst des Abendlandes

The front cover of this collection of architectural drawings is dated 1884. It measures approximately 16 by 12 inches. [$]

[picture: Printer's Mark: Gryphon]

Printer’s Mark: Gryphon

The printer’s mark from the title page is in the form of a winged lion with the head of a bird, en passent, one paw raised, standing on a plinth on whic is inscribed a date, MSCSL, which is, 1690, presumably the year in which the printer was founded. [more...] [$]

[picture: Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2]

Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2

Figs. 1 – 13: Plans of various Roman buildings, including the Pantheon in Rome and the Baths of Caracalla. [more...] [$]

[picture: Rome: Pantheon]

Rome: Pantheon

This architectural drawing of the Pantheon in Rome features intricate detail, drawings of the statues and columns with their capitals, a cut-away showing the passages inside the [...] [more...] [$]

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