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[Picture: 3.—Width Proportions of Modern Roman Capitals.]
Image title: 3.—Width Proportions of Modern Roman Capitals.
Source: Brown, Frank Chouteau: “Letters & Lettering: A Treatise With 200 Examples” (1921)
Keywords: lettering, alphabets, diagrams, greyscale
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Width proportions, which may be found useful in laying out lettering for lines of a given length, are shown in [Fig. 3] in a more modern style of the Roman capital. In the classic Roman letter the cross-bar is usually in the exact center of the letter height, but in 3 the center line has been used as the bottom of the cross-bar in b, e, h, p, and r, and as the top of the cross-bar in a; and in letters like k, y and x the “waist lines,” as the meeting-points of the sloping lines are sometimes called, have been slightly raised to obtain a more pleasant effect.” (p. 6)

The diagram is signed F.C.B., which I take to denote the author of the book, Frank Chouteau Brown.

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Artist: Frank Chouteau Brown
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