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[picture: Romantic and Atmospheric Graveyard]

Romantic and Atmospheric Graveyard

Tombstones sit in long grass under a spreading tree. There is also a tomb visible, as well as a number of graves.


[picture: Gravestone]


A graveyard (churchyard) with a single tombstone/gravestone in the foreground. A creepy burial site.


[picture: Mark Lemon]

Mark Lemon

Mark Lemon was the founder and editor of Punch, a long-running English magazine. He also wrote the song, “Oh Would I Were a Boy Again” which is printed in the book. [more...]


[picture: Music: detail: cherub with violin]

Music: detail: cherub with violin

In this detail taken from Music, a naked boy, a cherub or putti, sits on a rose briar (or a hydrangea maybe, which would be less painful); he is entirely naked, and has feathered wings. He plays the [...] [more...]


[picture: Music]


A lady plays a 16-stringed sitar or guitar, or more likely a chitarrone; she is sitting by a rosebush wearing a white dress, and plays from music. Behind her a cherub plays the violin; he is naked and has wings. I have also made a separate image with just the cherub. [more...]


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