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Bible Animals.

A description of the habits, structure, and uses of every living creature mentioned in the scriptures, from the ape to the coral;


explaining all those passages in the old and new testaments in which reference is made to beast, bird, reptile, fish, or insect.

Illustrated with over One Hundred New Designs,

by Keyl, Wood, and E. A. Smith;
Engrraved by G. Pearson.

by the
Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S., Etc.,
Author of “Homes Without Hands,” “Common Objects of the Sea-Shore and Country,” “The Illustrated Natural History,” “Strange Dwellings,” “Insects at Home,” Etc.

to which are added articles
on evolution,
By Rev. James McCosh, D.D., President of Princeton College,
and research and travel in bible lands, by Rev. Daniel March, D.D.

Guelph, Ontario: J. W. Lyon & Company, Publishers, 1877.

I have left the page as it was scanned, except for reducing the yellowness a bit; usually I clean up the scans, as I have for the other pictures from this book, but I thought I’d leave this one as a reminder of what they are like.


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