Lynton, Lynmouth, Exmoor, Minehead and the Land of Lorna Doone (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

Front cover.


[picture: Advert: Delightful Steamer Trips]

Advert: Delightful Steamer Trips

An advertisment from the beginning of the travel guide. [more...]


[picture: Plan of Lynton & Lynmouth [1910]]

Plan of Lynton & Lynmouth [1910]

A map of Lynton and Lynmouth in 1910 or perhaps a little before. It spans an area from Hollerday Hill in the West to the bridge at Woodside (Middleham) and beyond to the East, and to Lynton [...] [more...]


[picture: Plan of Minehead [1910]]

Plan of Minehead [1910]

A map of Minehead in 1910 or perhaps a little before. It shows the Great Western Railway Station and the Pier. Note that North is not at the top. [more...]


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