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Decorative clip-art Victorian border, Black and White

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This is a version of the red border from Page 27 in black and white (actually grayscale, desaturated and darkened).

There are also a green and a brown version. To make your own version of this old page border in a different size or aspect ratio, see the notes for the Red version.

To make a diferent colour, open the image up in your favourite image editor (PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop, and the Free one, GIMP, are probably the best known). Use Colourize (it’s in the Colours menu in Gimp), set the hue to the colour you want, and increase the Lightness and Saturation until you are happy.

Another way is to select by colour, and click on a white area of background, then invert the selection, and drag a colour from the colour chooser into the selection. For the computer screen, you will want to feather the selection first, so that the edges are not jagged.


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Added by Paul Marko on Sat Feb 6 18:14:43 2010

This is the best way I’ve found to make it usable in photoshop.
1. Open the border and scale it to the appropriate size.
2.Make a new layer and fill it with any color.
3. Add a new Layer Mask
4. Go to the channels pallet and select and paste the border into the layer mask.
5.Go to the layers pallet, select the layer mask and hit Ctrl+I (to invert it) Then hit Ctrl+L to adjust the levels on the layer mask. (This way you can make the edges sharp and crisp with precision.
6.Add layer effects to your heart’s content until you get the desired result.
5. Profit!



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7693 dots per inch (approximately)



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