Turrets Towers and Temples (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover is green with gold foil.


[picture: St. Mark's.]

St. Mark’s.

St Mark’s Cathedral, Venice, Italy.


[picture: The Cathedral of York]

The Cathedral of York

Better known today as York Minster. The cathedral church of St. Peter was founded in the 7th century; the present building was begun in 1172, but took 300 years to complete. [more...]


[picture: Windsor Castle]

Windsor Castle

This shot really brings out the size of the castle, the largest occupied castle in the world and still today a royal palace.


[picture: The Cathedral of Lincoln.]

The Cathedral of Lincoln.

“The greater part of the front may be as old as the time of its founder, Bishop Remigius,¹ at the end of the Eleventh Century” (p. 132) [more...]


[picture: The Tower of London]

The Tower of London

The main keep (the White Tower) was probably build around 1070, so it’ll be having its thousandth birthday soon.


[picture: Mosque of Cordova]

Mosque of Cordova

The interior of the great Mosque of Cordova, the La Mezquita. Abd al-Rahman I began construction in A.D. 785 (give or take a year). The stones are actually red and white. The building was [...] [more...]


[picture: The Alhambra]

The Alhambra

“When you issue from these dark passages into this large space flooded with light, the effect is similar to that produced by a diorama. You can almost fancy that an enchanter’s wand has transported you to the Orient of four or five centuries ago. Time, which changes everything [...] [more...]


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