Famous Composers and their Music (page 2/2)

[picture: Frontispiece: Daniel François Esprit Auber]

Frontispiece: Daniel François Esprit Auber

From an engraving by G. Deblois, 1867. [more...]


[picture: Title Page from Famous Musicians]

Title Page from Famous Musicians

The title page has a border surrounding it printed in green, yellow, blue and black, which I have made available as a musical border. [more...]


[picture: Music book and wreaths]

Music book and wreaths

Sheet music (score) with wreaths, perhaps of laurel leaves to signify victory; this is a detail from the musical border from the title page. [more...]


[picture: Musical Border]

Musical Border

This musical border features Greek or Roman busts at the corners, musical scores, laurel wreaths, musical instruments including violins, trumpets and horns, and is printed mostly in green and black. [more...]


[picture: XXXII. The Empress Harpsichord.]

XXXII. The Empress Harpsichord.

A harpsichord of the largest size is this, the culmination of an instrument that had remained in use for nearly three hundred years, but, at the time this one was made, was about to be replaced by the pianoforte. This fine harpsichord bears the joint name of Shudi and Broadwood, London. The instrument is numbered 691, and the books of the original [...] [more...]


[picture: Anton Rubinstein]

Anton Rubinstein

A most characteristic silhouette by Mrs. Behr made in 1886 in St. Petersburg. The fac-simile autograph is Rubinstein’s name in Russian. (p. 795) [more...]


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