Whittington Castle, Shropshire. details

Whittington Castle, Shropshire.
Image title:   Whittington Castle, Shropshire.  
Source:   (1910)
Place shown:   Oswestry, Shropshire, England
Keywords:   castles, moats, water, towers, overgrown
Status:   public domain, hence royalty-free stock image for all purposes and no usage credit required
Filename:   270-Whittington-Castle-Shropshire-q75-500x350.jpg
Notes:   There was a castle here over a thousand years ago, but the current buildings probably date from the 1200s and later.
Whitting Castle Preservation Trust hopes to conserve the castle.
All the book says is that “there is an ivy-covered ruin at Whittington” (p. 370).
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Dimensions:   126 x 90mm (5.0 x 3.5 inches)

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