Famous Scenes and Cities (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover, Portfolio]

Front Cover, Portfolio

The front cover of the book is brown with “Famous Scenes and Cities” in gold embossed capital letters onthe front.


[picture: Haddon Hall, England]

Haddon Hall, England

Almost in the centre of England stands this ideal specimen of an old baronial mansion, known as Haddon Hall. In the twelfth century it came into the possession of the Vernon family, who occupied it for 400 years. Then when the beautiful young heroine of this castle, Dorothy Vernon, eloped with the son of the Earl of Rutland, the Estate passed into the [...] [more...]


[picture: Damascus, Syria]

Damascus, Syria

In this vintage photograph from 1893 or so, we see the rooftops of a city: domes, mosques with their minaret towers (one in the left foreground), and, at front, a building with cloistered walks on two levels. The description in the book seems sexist and racist to the modern reader; the last sentence is from a later edition and not present in the one [...] [more...]


[picture: Churchyard of Stoke-Pogis, England]

Churchyard of Stoke-Pogis, England

An English country churchyard, with uneven monuments, and a medieval church with ivy-covered walls and a spire. [more...]


[picture: Old Curiosity Shop, London]

Old Curiosity Shop, London

Charles Dickens’ story The Old Curiosity Shop was published in 1840; the photograph here dates from 1893 or so and shoes the London shop of H. Poole, Waste Paper Dealer; on the side of the building, upstairs, has been painted, “The Old Curiosity Shop, immortalized by Charles [...] [more...]


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