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Items taken from La Vita Nuova (The New Life) (1910) (results page 1)

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Front Cover from La Vita Nuova
37.—Writing My Master’s Words
37.—Writing My Master’s Words (detail)
Untitled image, Mediaeval tower
Osanna in Excelsis
103. Sonnet Introduction Page
Sonnet Introduction Border
115. Love Hath So Long Possessed Me
Angel from page 115
51.—Serving at a Banquet
Two cherubs play flute and violin
Cherub with Triangle
Servant with Food
Border with troubadors and drolleries
Border detail: two-faced drollery
Border detail: Satyr or horned devil
Calligraphic initial leter T
Spirit Angels of Peace
Border with initial letter A
Angel playing the harp, attended by deer
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