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Items taken from Tortures and Torments of the Christian Martyrs (1903) (results page 1)

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1.—Martyrs suspended by one or both feet, by the arms with heavy weights attached to the feet; crucified; Christian women hung up by the hair
2.—Bound hand and foot to stakes and smeared with honey, and so left exposed to the sun, to be tortured by the stings of bees and other insects
3.—Suspended by the thumbs, heavy stones being fastened to the feet; hung up over a slow fire and beaten
4.—Suspended by the feet, and the head beaten with hammers, etc.
5.—Suspended with great weights on the shoulders, and a gag fixed in the mouth.
6.—Martyrs bound to the circumference of a great wheel, and rolled down a precipice
7.—Fastened to a wheel, which is revolved over iron spikes
8.—Revolved over a blazing fire
20.—Tortured with quicklime, boiling oil, etc.
Martyrs being tortured with red-hot iron and with fire