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Items taken from Pentateuch of Printing with a Chapter on Judges (1891) (results page 1)

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Front Cover, Pentateuch of Printing
Title Page, Pentateuch of Printing
The “lay” of a pair of type cases (upper case).
The “lay” of a pair of type cases (lower case).
Old Iron Composing Stick
Fifteenth Century Wooden Composing Stick
A Line of Composed Type
From the Biblia Pauperum. Block Book. 15th Century.
Bas-Relief From the Entablature, Jerusalem Chamber, Westminster Abbey
Reproduction of title page from Watson’s History of Printing
Irregular vintage border from 1712
Title page from Lewis’ Life of William Caxton
Floriated fruitbowl ornament
Floriated fruit-bowl ornament, coloured
Cherubs carrying books
Cherubs on a book
Cherubs with Handprints
Discourse into the Night
Scriptorium Monk at Work
Tall Bookcase
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