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Items taken from Enclyclopædia Britannica (1771) (results page 1)

Front Cover of the 1770 Encylopædia Britannica
Plate XIX, fig. 3.—Crane Mechanism.
Plate XV.—Anatomy.
Plate XLII.—Astronomy.
Plate XLII.—Astronomy: detail: antique star engraving
Plate XLII.—Astronomy: detail: sun and eclipses
Plate XLII.—Astronomy: detail: the face of the sun.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 1.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 2.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 3.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Detail – Smiling Sun.
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 1. A quadruple pump-mill for raising water.
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 8. Cup of Tantalus.
Plate XCIX.—Hydrostatics.—Fig. 8. Cup of Tantalus (no letters)