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Jugend Endpaper
Girl in the window: Atlantic and Pascific Tea Company 1880s Trade Card
Full-page border with bird, flowers, ivy
60.—Woad  (Isatis Tinctoria)
322.—Apple Tree. Pyrus Malus. C. S.
66. Orange Hawkweed Seeds
70. Field Gromwell Seeds
72. Field Bindweed Seeds
68. Blue Lettuce Seeds
67. Prickly Lettuce Seeds
75. Wild Buckwheat Seeds
79. Quack Seeds
65. Fall Dandelion Seeds
78. Chess Seeds
73. Hairy Mint Seeds
62. Burdock seeds
77. Sun Spurge Seeds
76. Curled Dock Seeds
63. Knapweed seeds
61. Yarrow seed
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