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book covers: the outside of a book, either the front of the book or the spine, showing the binding and any decoration or lettering. Note that older books, especially before 1800 or so, were usually sold unbound: when you bought a book you took it to a book binder, who would make a cover to order, usually to match the other books you owned.
Synonyms: front covers

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Front Cover
Front Cover, American Animals
Front Cover, The Gnome King of Oz
Front Cover
Front Cover, The Leisure Hour
Front cover from Electric Lighting for Marine Engineers
Front Cover, The Charm of Oxford
Front Cover, Gilbert White’s Selbourne
Front Cover
Spine from Our village book
Dustjacket flaps from Proverbs book
Spine of the book
Back cover
Holy Court Book decorated leather spine
Hoy Court leather-bound spine gold decorations
Cover of the book
The book cover for “The Story of Some English Shires”
Front Cover
Front Cover (Ebers Egypt Vo. I)
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