Scribner’s Magazine 1903 No. 11 (page 2/3)

[picture: Old Advert: Christmas Gift Charms and Brooches]

Old Advert: Christmas Gift Charms and Brooches

Order your Christmas Gifts by mail [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: Diamonds on Credit]

Old Advert: Diamonds on Credit

Loftis Brothers selling diamonds on credit, over 100 years ago. [more...]


[picture: Cupid with a Whip!]

Cupid with a Whip!

We see a pair of lovers, but they are pulling along behind them a two-wheeled chariot whose driver is a cherub, a putti, a cupid in fact, whose long whip encourages the couple to move onwards. The wheels of the chariot are of [...] [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: How to Grow Tall]

Old Advert: How to Grow Tall

How to Grow Tall
Wonderful Discovery made by PROF. K. LEO MINGES [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: For My Lady's Toilet]

Old Advert: For My Lady’s Toilet

An advertisement for Violet (Ve-o-lay) Paris perfumes, soaps, sachets and toilet requisites. A lady in 1900s costume holds a bunch of flowers in her skirt. [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: Arts and Crafts Furniture]

Old Advert: Arts and Crafts Furniture

Arts and Crafts furniture [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: Razall Loose Leaf System]

Old Advert: Razall Loose Leaf System

An old advertisement for a book-keeping system. A person stands holding a pen on the left, and on the right a man with a monocle sports a moustache. behind them is a desk with folders and an open ledger. [more...]


[picture: Old Advert: Hotel Chamberlin]

Old Advert: Hotel Chamberlin



[picture: Old Advert: Oceanic Steamship Company]

Old Advert: Oceanic Steamship Company

(American and Australian Lines)
to Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand
Australia and Tahiti


[picture: Old Advert: The Sun Typewriter]

Old Advert: The Sun Typewriter

Typwriter No. 2 [more...]


[picture: Antique typewriter]

Antique typewriter

An old picture of a typewriter, suitable for clip-art; the machine was new when the picture was taken. This is taken from an old ad for a type-writer. [more...]


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