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Border with mathematical instruments

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This chapter head is made of two parts: to the left and top, an L-shaped steel ruler or square, perhaps, with a weight hanging by a string (a pumb-line probably; it may have been a roofing square); under the top part of the ruler, a collection of protractors, a telescope, dividers, and other engineering and mathematical instruments.

The article headed by this picture is about the Roussel Collection: a collection of mathematical instruments. The collection appears to have been made in the eighteenth century; the drawings are attributed to Madamoiselle J. Roussel, which could be a wife or daughter.


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Added by JuaSaysHi on Sun Jan 27 21:37:41 2019

I think these are astrometrical or navigational instruments, for astrometry or celestial navigation. The leftmost round thing is an astrolabe (see Wikipedia),and I think next to it is either a horary quadrant or maybe an astronomical sextant, and a compass, on top of the dividers.

Added by slave on Sun Jan 27 23:45:44 EST 2019

Thank you for writing! yes, i think you are correct, although the accounts of the collection that i could find refer to the instruments as mathematical, as does the book from which i scanned the picture, so i retained that in the caption; the meaning of the word “mathematical” has changed somewhat since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, though.
Thank you for the identifications!



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