Musée Artistique et Littéraire, Le (page 2/2)

[picture: Le Chateau de la Grangefort-sir-Allier. Vue Generale.]

Le Chateau de la Grangefort-sir-Allier. Vue Generale.

The castle shown in the distance here dates back in part to the 16th century and in part to the 19th, when it was rebuilt. [more...]


[picture: Tailpiece with grotesque gargoyle figure]

Tailpiece with grotesque gargoyle figure

This ornate end-of-chapter ornament, or tail-piece, includes a grotesque horned head with a hollow mouth, as for a drain-spout of a gargoyle.


[picture: A Dance of Shepherdesses]

A Dance of Shepherdesses

The drawing reproduced as an engraving shows three women, barefoot and in ankle-length short-sleeved dresses. One is seated, playing divided pipes; she’s sitting on the steps of a circular neo-Classical temple with fluted columns. The othr two women have wreathes in their hair, one of daisies and the other of laurel leaves. They dance together left [...] [more...]


[picture: Statue of Mirabeau]

Statue of Mirabeau

A well-dressed man in a suit has one arm outstretched to point the way forward, a French sculpture that could have been used as a directional signpost. The statue was exhibited at the Paris exhibition (salon) of [...] [more...]


[picture: Border with mathematical instruments]

Border with mathematical instruments

This chapter head is made of two parts: to the left and top, an L-shaped steel ruler or square, perhaps, with a weight hanging by a string (a pumb-line probably; it may have been a roofing square); under the top part of the ruler, a collection of protractors, a telescope, dividers, [...] [more...]


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