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Seal of Coin of Libra

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The magical circle, or seal, of Libra in the Zodiac. As with all of these zodiac seals in this book, they are intended to be cast as coins of specific metals and made at specific times.

See also the other side of the coin for Libra.

This Sigil is to be made of pure ♀, and to be melted, poured out and made when the Sun enters Libra, which somtimes happens on Sunday the 13 or 14 of September, according to the progress of the yeer: And this is to be noted, That when Venus is the ruling Planet, or Reservator of the yeer, the Sigil will be of much more virtue, especially if those wear it, who were born under the same Planet; and if it be made and prepared for them. When ♀ is in the sign Libra, the Signes, Caracters, and Words which you see in the following Figure, are to be engraven in the Seal; afterwards in the day and hour of Venus, in the first or eighth hour, which Venus governs, let it be applied.

It is an admirable Remedy against all Bewitchings of Women, which hinder the act of generation, and especially in those whom they hate: In brief, this Sigil is most profitable and excellent against all Maladies whatsoever; especially all griefs of the Secret Members.

(p. 146)


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