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Seal or Coin of Cancer (front)

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The magical circle, or seal, of Cancer in the Zodiac. As with all of these zodiac seals in this book, they are intended to be cast as coins of specific metals and made at specific times.

See also the other side of the coin for Cancer.

The Sigil of this Signe is made of most pure Silver, in that hour when Sol enters the signe Cancer, (which uses to be about the 10 or 11 day of June) but when the Moon is in a good Aspect, and not afflicted by any evil Planet, these Figures must be engraven in the hour of the Moon when she is increasing: in the same hour they must be begun, and finished; or else the whole labor is in vain.

This Seal must be applied in the day and hour of the Moon, she decreasing; and is to be kept and worn very Clean. The Virtue thereof causetth happy Journeys: It is very profitable to be worn against the Dropsie, and all Defects of the Body proceeding from moisture, or superfluous Flegm.

(pp. 142, 143)


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