Bill Nye’s History of England (page 2/4)

[picture: Front cover]

Front cover

The front cover; the book is bound in plain buckram, with a cute design on the front of a gnome or pixie curled up reading a book, done in red and black with goild [...]detail of front cover. [more...]


[picture: Front Cover detail: jester reading a book]

Front Cover detail: jester reading a book

A man in a red jester’s mediaeval outfit reads a book. At first I thought he was a gnome or pixie, but in fact a jester is more appropriate for the cover of this humorous book! [more...]


[picture: Title Page]

Title Page

Bill Nye’s History of England [more...]


[picture: Title page detail: Scholarly King]

Title page detail: Scholarly King

In this detail from the title page, a king (wearing a crown) sits at a table with a pen and an open book, and is also consulting a dictionary. He sratches his head, obviously baffled. [more...]


[picture: Bust of Cæsar.]

Bust of Cæsar.

Cæsar (Caesar) here has a laurel wreath, a long nose and a rather unhappy face. [more...]


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