The New World (page 2/2)

[picture: Front cover, Description of the New World]

Front cover, Description of the New World

Front cover of the book.


[picture: Title Page, Descrtion of the new World]

Title Page, Descrtion of the new World

De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld: of beschryving van AMERICA en ’t ZUID-LAND [more...]


[picture: Title page detail: facing the gorgon]

Title page detail: facing the gorgon

In this engraving from the title page, a two-faced woman uses a mirror to look safely at the medusa in the border of the picture. She is Prudence, trampling on Envy, a man with [...]Invidiæ Prudentia Victrix is Latin for, Prudence defeats envy, or, prudence is the victress of envy. [more...]


[picture: Heraldic chapter head]

Heraldic chapter head

This woodcut was at the start of a chapter. It features two mermen, I think, holding a shield bearing an armorial crest.


[picture: Decorative initial (drop cap) D]

Decorative initial (drop cap) D

A decorative letter “D” used as an initial capital (a drop capital, or drop cap) in this Dutch book from 1671.


[picture: Map of the Americas]

Map of the Americas

Novissima et Accuratissima Totius Americæ Descriptio per Gerardum a Schagen. [more...]


[picture: Initial letter D from first page of text]

Initial letter D from first page of text

Capital D, a decorative initial “D” used as a drop cap for the first paragraph of the text.


[picture: First Nations Chocolatiers]

First Nations Chocolatiers

Some naked and almost-naked people making chocolate. There are llamas in the background, and cocoa-trees e.g. on the right. [more...]


[picture: Llamas in Peru]

Llamas in Peru

Llamas are being used by natives clad in loin cloths or breech-cloths, as mounts and with panniers over their backs. In the background, naked men with bow and arrow are hunting llama on the mountains. [more...]


[picture: Christofel Cololus [Christopher Columbus]]

Christofel Cololus [Christopher Columbus]

Christopher Columbus, of Christofer, or Christofel Colonus as written here, was responsible for bringing many diseases to Turtle Island, including Catholicism and rampant individualism, corporate greed and measles, in a selfish pursuit of personal riches and fame He is famous in some parts of the world for “discovering” America, although since it [...] [more...]


[picture: Vitzlipuztli, God of the Mexicans]

Vitzlipuztli, God of the Mexicans

The image is captioned, in Latin, Viztlipuztli idolum Mexicanorum, which is, Viztlipuztli, idol of the Mexicans. The usual modern spelling appears to be Vitzlipuztli; he/it was worhipped as a god or war and conquest. The description of Vitzlipuztli differs from that of Hiotzilopochtli, but [...] [more...]


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