Moderne Kunst in Meister-Holzschnitten Band VII (page 2/2)

[picture: The Ring on My Finger]

The Ring on My Finger

Du Ring an meinem Finger, which is, The Ring on my Finger. [more...]


[picture: Strength and Cunning]

Strength and Cunning

Kraft ud List, which is, Strength (the lion) and Cunning (the demoness or harpy). [more...]


[picture: Galileo at the Florentine Royal Court]

Galileo at the Florentine Royal Court

Galilei am Florentinischen Fürstenhofe, which is, Galileo at the Florentine Royal Court. [more...]


[picture: My Dearest Child (My Love)]

My Dearest Child (My Love)

Mein Lieb, or, My Love. [more...]


[picture: Through Woods and Fields]

Through Woods and Fields

A young lady leans with one elegantly gloved hand on a wooden fence or stile, petting her black dog with the other hand. The dog rests its chin on the fence and has one paw through. The woman wears a green bonnet, a white blouse with purple slowers, and one of those large billowy dreses that are [...] [more...]


[picture: Summer Evening]

Summer Evening

Sommerabend, which is, Summer Evening, painted by Hermann Sschlittgen and shown at the Great Berlin Art Exhibition (der Grossen Berliner Kunstausstellung) in 1893. [more...]


[picture: German Coaching Inn]

German Coaching Inn

The illustration is from an article entitled Our German Weapons Students (Unsere deutschen Waffen-Studenten) and is entitled The Coming of the Sausages (Der Landjäger kommt), by A. Blunck, which i take to be August Blunck. [more...]


[picture: Golden Sunday]

Golden Sunday

A bearded bespectacled man is counting coins, perhaps from a church collection. Coins are arranged haphazardly on a table in front of him, along with a large book. [more...]


[picture: Blossom-snow]


Blüthenschnee, which is, blossom snow. [more...]


[picture: Horse Racing: Finish]

Horse Racing: Finish

It’s a horse race, and the two leading horses are coming towards us, neck and neck for a close finish.


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