The Book of Knowledge Volume 1 (page 2/2)

[picture: Railway Trains in Space]

Railway Trains in Space

Ten passenger trains, each with five carriages pulled by a steam locomotive, are heading for the sun, the moon, the nearest star, and for each of the other planets in this steam-punk Vctorian illustration! [more...]


[picture: To the home of Fairy A]

To the home of Fairy A

Insde a faincy border a winged female fairy stands with arms raised to shoulder-height; she wears dainty shoes and black tights and had butterfly wings. She’s pointing to her left and our right. [more...]


[picture: To the Home of Fairy B]

To the Home of Fairy B

Insde a faincy border a female fairy, or a girl, stands with arms outstretches to the edgets of her tutu or ballet dress; she wears white tights or stockings [...] [more...]


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