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The Mad Hatter in Chains.

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The Mad hatter is in a dungeon, sitting on a three-legged milking stool, with a very heavy iron chain fastened to a ring set in the stone wall at one end and to a fetter round his left ankle at the other. His ht hangs on the wall;a jug of water is on the floor. He holds his head in his hands and has his knees together, and looks miserable.

“What sort of things do you remember best?” Alice ventured to ask.

“Oh, things that happened the week after next,” the Queen replied in a careless tone. “For instance, now,” she went on, sticking a large piece of plaster on her finger as she spoke, “there’s the King’s Messenger. He’s in prison now, being punished: and the trial doesn’t even begin till next Wednesday: and of course the crime comes last of all.”

“Suppose he never commits the crime?’ said Alice.

“That would be all the better, wouldn’t it?” the Queen said, as she bound the plaster round her finger with a bit of ribbon. (p. 95)


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