Through the Looking-Glass And What Alice Found There (page 5/5)

[picture: Alice and the Sheep in a Rowing Boat]

Alice and the Sheep in a Rowing Boat

The tea-shop turned into a river and Alice was rowing the boat...


[picture: Alice Meets Humpty Dumpty]

Alice Meets Humpty Dumpty

So she went on, wondering more and more at every step, as everything turned into a tree the moment she came up to it, and she quite expected the egg to do the same. (p. 113) [more...]


[picture: Slivy Toves and the Borogroves]

Slivy Toves and the Borogroves

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves [more...]


[picture: Humpty-Dumpty Shouts into the Messenger's Ear]

Humpty-Dumpty Shouts into the Messenger’s Ear

I said it very loud and clear;
I went and shouted in his ear.
” [more...]


[picture: The White Knight Falls Off His Horse]

The White Knight Falls Off His Horse

“I hope you’ve got your hair well fastened on?” he continued, as they set off. [more...]


[picture: Head Downwards]

Head Downwards

“But that’s a different kind of fastness,” Alice objected. [more...]


[picture: Queen Alice.]

Queen Alice.

“I hope it encouraged him,” she said, as she turned to run down the hill: “and now for the last brook, and to be a Queen! How grand it sounds!” A very few steps brought her to the edge of the brook. “The Eighth Square at last!” she cried, as she bounded across, [more...]


[picture: Do wake up, you heavy things!]

Do wake up, you heavy things!

“What am I to do?” exclaimed Alice, looking about in great perplexity, as first one round head, and then the other, rolled down from her shoulder, and lay like a heavy lump in her lap. “I don’t think it ever happened before, that any one had to take care of two Queens asleep at once! No, not in all the History of England—it couldn’t, you know, because [...] [more...]


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