London (Volume II) (page 2/2)

[picture: Houses of Parliament from the River, temp Charles II.]

Houses of Parliament from the River, temp Charles II.

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, in the time of King Charles II, so between (roughly) 1650 and 1685; this is of course long before th 19th century changes, and before Big Ben was built. [more...]


[picture: Milton at the age of 19]

Milton at the age of 19

A woodcut of the teenaged boy Milton, the famous poet, when he was nineteen years old. I’m sure I didn’t have such a frilly neck as a boy.


[picture: [p.210] The Tower of London]

[p.210] The Tower of London

A birds-eye view: a map or plan of the castle. [more...]


[picture: Priot Bolton's Garden-house at Canonbury]

Priot Bolton’s Garden-house at Canonbury

From the house we pass to the lawn, which is terminated by a wall with a raised and embowered terrace, from which we look over on the other side to the kitchen-garden, the New River, and thence onwards towards London. At each extremity of this wall is an octagonal garden-house, built by Prior Bolton—the one to the left having a [...] [more...]


[picture: [p.242] The Bloody Tower]

[p.242] The Bloody Tower

The portcullis stands open, and some soldiers with spears and shields are about to enter. From the crosses on their shields (the symbol of death) they are probably crusaders. [more...]


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