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21. Stokesay Castle (General View), in Stokesay, Shropshire, England more

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21. Stokesay Castle (General View)

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The hall and adjoining rooms are to the right; the south tower is in the centre; the Elizabethan gatehouse to the left.

There are also pictures in Grose’s Antiquities and in Oman’s Castles. For some excellent colour pictures of Stokesay Castle, see the page on it at the Castles of Wales web site. And no, Shropshire is not in Wales, but it’s on the border. Today the castle (really a fortified manor house from the 13th Century) is owned by English Heritage and is open to the public durng the day.

There’s another picture and a map of how to get there on the CastleUK.netpage.



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