Geneva Bible Scans (page 2/3)

[picture: Dragon!]


An heraldic dragon from the Geneva Bible New Testament Title Page.


[picture: Red Dragon!]
[picture: Cartouche or frame from title page of Concordance]

Cartouche or frame from title page of Concordance

This is the frame around the device (or trade-mark) of the printer Christopher Barker that was on the 1581 title-page of the Geneva Bible. It features trees and scroll-work and an oval central space. [more...]


[picture: Title page detail: heraldic scrollwork]

Title page detail: heraldic scrollwork

The concordance title page includes this cartouche with a boar’s head (rather like a chess-piece, on a crowned brick base, formally a “mural crown”) with a scroll coming from its mouth and at the bottom [...] [more...]


[picture: Front Cover, Geneva Bible]

Front Cover, Geneva Bible

This 1581 Geneva Bible is bound in full leather with gold tooling.


[picture: Bookplate for 1581 Geneva Bible]

Bookplate for 1581 Geneva Bible

The dot screening tells me this isn’t actually a very old book-plate (ex libris). My guess would be early 1900s. It is a crest with the name Huss, surmounted with the closed helmet of a lesser knight. [more...]


[picture: New Testament Title Page]

New Testament Title Page

Although I already had a photograph of the title page, it’s interesting enough that I wanted to add a 2400dpi scan. Notice the dragon! [more...]


[picture: p.425: Ephesians Chapters 1 and 2]
[picture: Title page for Concordance]

Title page for Concordance

The title page for two concordances printed after the end of the New Testament in this 1581 Bible. The first was a table of words and names, the second more exegetical. My copy of this bible [...] [more...]


[picture: Title page, The Whole Booke of Psalmes]

Title page, The Whole Booke of Psalmes

The title page from the book of psalms (with music) at the back of this 1581 Geneva Bible. I didn’t clean up this scan, so you can see the music showing through from the back a little. [more...]


[picture: To The Reader: guide to reading early modern music]

To The Reader: guide to reading early modern music

This is printed on the back of the title page of the Psalms, from 1581. It shows two staves with different clefs and the nmes of the notes that were in use in [...] [more...]


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