Days With the Victorian Poets (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover is somewhat damaged, unfortunately. I imagine that it is intended to represent Rossetti, William Morris and Elizabeth Browning.


[picture: Frontispiece: Beata Beatrix]

Frontispiece: Beata Beatrix

Beata Beatrix . . . Tate Gallery
From a painting by Rossetti. [more...]


[picture: Title Page]

Title Page

The title page is decorated as if one is looking at a monument in front of a castle.


[picture: Border of Roses and Thorns]

Border of Roses and Thorns

A decorative oval border or roses and thorns that was around a chapter title in this book.


[picture: The Day Dream]

The Day Dream

The Day-Dream. – Ionides Collection South Kensington.
From a painting by Rossetti. [more...]


[picture: Ecce Ancilla Domini [Behold the blesséd Mary]]

Ecce Ancilla Domini [Behold the blesséd Mary]

This is that blessed Mary, pre-elect [more...]


[picture: The God and the Reed]

The God and the Reed

Pan, shown in this painting as a bearded and shirtless man with the legs of a goat, a satyr, sits back on a riverbank laughing; he holds a flute. In the river we see [...] [more...]


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