Oud Nederland (page 2/2)

[picture: Cover of the book]

Cover of the book

Transcription of the text: [more...]


[picture: Title Page]

Title Page

A photograph (not a scan) of the title page. [more...]


[picture: DE KEET OOST en KAAI POORT te EDAM.]
[picture: Assen]


Assen is the capital of Drenthe, in North-East Netherlands (Holland). It’s possible that the large building at rear left is now the headquarters of RTF-Drenthe, the public regional broadcasting channel for the area. if so, it was previously a school. The church on the right [...] [more...]


[picture: Wimel of Windmolen Poort, Nymegen]

Wimel of Windmolen Poort, Nymegen

Wimel of Windmolen Poort in Nijmegen, Netherlands, as i appeared in 1732. This was a gate in the old city walls, and was built in 1436 when the city was expanded. There is a more recent photograph of Molenpoort, now called Molenpoort Passage and a shopping centre: the ancient gate no longer stands. [more...]


[picture: Wimel of Windmolen Poort, Widescreen Version]

Wimel of Windmolen Poort, Widescreen Version

A version of Wimel of Windmolen Poort, with smaller margins, to fit on a wider screen. [more...]


[picture: Wimel Poort from the other Side.]

Wimel Poort from the other Side.

Wimel Poort van de andere Zyde. [more...]


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