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The Triumph of Love

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The Triumph of Love

Engraved by W. Roffe, from the group in marble by P Mac Dowell, R.A.

Note: the sculptor’s name is written variously as Mac Dowell in two words or as Macdowell, both in this issue of The Art Journal and elsewhere.

I think this is the same as “Love Triumphant” also mentioned in the text.

Macdowell was helped by Joseph Edwards (1814 – 1882) in making this sculpture, which is cut from a single piece of marble.

Having nearly completed my first large group for mr. Beaumont, viz. “Love Triumphant,” he was desirous that I should visit Italy, and said that he would supply me with ample funds for that purpose. I need not say that a journey to that glorious land, which teems with all that is most beautiful and exalted in the arts, was entirely to my taste, and that I accepted, with gratitude, his generous offer. After remaining abroad for eight months, visiting every church, palace, and museum, famed for its treasures, whether in painting or sculpture, I returned to England. I completed my group of “Love Triumphant,” and various other works in marble for Mr. Beaumont, namely, “A Girl at Prayer,” “Cupid,” “Girl going to the Bath,” and “Early Sorrow.” (p. 9)


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