The Book of Ceremonical magic: A Complete Grimoire (page 1/2)


The Book of Ceremonial Magic, A Complete Grimoire was published in London in 1911 as a revised version of an earlier work. It includes redrawings of various older occult diagrams.

Arthur Edward Waite died in 1942, so that his works fell out of copyright at the end of 2012.

The text is also online at the Sacred Text archive as The Book of Ceremonial Magic where it is dated 1913. The images there are of lower quality.

Note: I have coloured some of the images. You can use the “Colour” tab on image pages to make them black and white, or whatever colour you like.

Title: The Book of Ceremonical magic: A Complete Grimoire

Author: Waite, Arthur Edward

City: London

Date: 1911

Total items: 3

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: 6. The Seal of Valefor.]

6. The Seal of Valefor.

VI. Valefor [6], a powerful duke, appearing as a many-headed lion [7]. He leads those with whom he is familiar into theft. [more...]


[picture: 1. The Seal of Baal]

1. The Seal of Baal

I. Baal, a king ruling in the East, who imparts invisibility and wisdom. He appears with a human head, or with that of a toad or cat[1], but sometimes with all at once. He speaks with a hoarse voice [1]. [more...]


[picture: 2. The Seal of Agares]

2. The Seal of Agares

II. Agares, a duke ruling in the East, who appears in the form of a comely old man, ambling upon a crocodile and carrying a goshawk on his wrist. He makes those who run