English Cathedrals


Pictures from English Cathedrals by Mrs. Schuyler van Rensselaer, Century, New York, 1910, illustrated with one hundred and fifty-four drawings by Joseph Pennell, and also with plans and diagrams.

Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer (Mariana Griswold), the famous American art critic and author, was commissioned by “The Century Magazine” to write about twelve English cathedrals to accompany drawings by Mr. Pennell. The resulting magazine articles were then revised to make the book from which these drawings have been scanned. The first edition was in 1892, but mine is the fifth edition, from 1910.

[picture: The Exchequer Gate and the West Front of the Cathedral.]

The Exchequer Gate and the West Front of the Cathedral.

At Lincoln [Cathdral,] Lancet-Pointed work is again preponderant, but Decorated work is very conspicuous and singularly fine, Norman features still remain, [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: The West Front, From the Minster-yard.]

The West Front, From the Minster-yard.

The Exchequer Gate [...] admits us into a small paved square—the Minster-yard—surrounded on three sides by low ecclesiastical dwellings. Filling the whole of the fourth side, just in front of us, rises the enormous façade of the church, peculiarly English in conception, and very individual in its naïve union of Norman and Gothic features. The [...]sic] low round-arched portals—was made the nucleus of the new façade. Wide wings finished by turrets were thrown out on each side of it; a high reach of wall was built up above; all were covered with Lancet-Pointed arcades in close-set rows; and to bring a little harmony into the effect, the top of the tall central recess was altered to a pointed shape and surmounted by a gable. (p. 169) [more...] [$]

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