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sun: a celestial body, the centre of the solar system.

The Harmony of the World
Decorative initial letter “B” with boy and book
Vernal Equinox
Decorative initial letter “U” from 16th Century
Happy bashful fiery sun face drawing
Zodiac wheel with woman (detail)
Plate XLII.—Astronomy.
Plate XLII.—Astronomy: detail: sun and eclipses
Plate XLII.—Astronomy: detail: the face of the sun.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 1.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 2.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Fig. 3.
Plate XLIII.—Astronomy.—Detail – Smiling Sun.