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nudity: naked people.
Synonyms: nakedness , without clothes.

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Ruins of Lindisfarne Priory
Decorative initial letter T with cherubs hanging a wolf
Ornate border from 1878 Title Page (black version)
Shabby-Chic Cartouche!
Cartouche from Dedication Page
Cherub (cutout)
Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.
A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)
Robert Fludd - The Mirror of the Whole of Nature and the Image of Art
1.—Martyrs suspended by one or both feet, by the arms with heavy weights attached to the feet; crucified; Christian women hung up by the hair
Decorative initial letter O with cherubs cooking soup
Decorative initial letter O with cherubs cooking soup (coloured version)
2.—Bound hand and foot to stakes and smeared with honey, and so left exposed to the sun, to be tortured by the stings of bees and other insects
Bucolic scene from a glade in a forest.
3.—Suspended by the thumbs, heavy stones being fastened to the feet; hung up over a slow fire and beaten
First Nations Chocolatiers
Emblem 1. Serpent. Eve.
4.—Suspended by the feet, and the head beaten with hammers, etc.
Llamas in Peru
1.—Title page: The Book of Urizen
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