Bill Nye’s History of England (page 1/4)

[picture: Front cover]

Title: Bill Nye’s History of England

Author: Nye, Bill

Published by: J. B. Lippincott Company

City: Philadelphia

Date: 1900

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out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: Crest of a Popular Knight]

Crest of a Popular Knight

“He wore a crest on his helmet adorned with German favors given him by lady admirers, so that the crest of a popular young knight often looked like a slump at the Bon marché” (p. 103) [more...]

[picture: A Reluctant Tax-Payer]

A Reluctant Tax-Payer

It is night-time and a man’s corpose swings from the hangman’s noose on the gibbet. He is clothed, including boots and a hangman’s hood. In the background the moon looks on, aghast. At one time most people would have been familiar with the sight of a dead man, of hangings, but I [...] [more...]

[picture: The Discovery of Tin in Britain]

The Discovery of Tin in Britain

A cartoon illustrating how the Romans discovered that Britain had... er... tin.

[picture: Cæsar crossing the channel.]

Cæsar crossing the channel.

“Cæsar [Caesar] first came to Great Britain on account of a bilious attack. On the way across the channel a violent storm came up. The great emporor and pantata believed he was drowning, so that in an instant’s time everything throughout his whole lifetime recurred [...] [more...]

[picture: Title page detail: Scholarly King]

Title page detail: Scholarly King

In this detail from the title page, a king (wearing a crown) sits at a table with a pen and an open book, and is also consulting a dictionary. He sratches his head, obviously baffled. [more...]

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Pictures from Bill Nye’s History of England by (as you guessed) Bill Nye, in 1896; my copy is dated 1900 and has a preface that mentions the death of the author.

The cartoons are by W. M. Goodes and A. M. Richards. William M. Goodes was born in Portage County, Ohio, in March 1857, the son of a painter. He became a popular American cartoonist, and died on 15th April 1919.

The book was published in the US before 1923, and, since the creators were American, is in the public domain.

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