Look at the Bright Side


Pictures from Look at the Bright Side, A Tale for the Young by Joanna Hooe Matthews (1849 – 1901); London, Edinburgh and New York, 1883.

I do not have a copy of this book: the scans were sent to me by Ken Winko.

[picture: Front Cover, Look at the Bright Side]

Front Cover, Look at the Bright Side

The front cover of this book is green with gold details. [$]

[picture: Aunt Silvia in her Domain]

Aunt Silvia in her Domain

A small girl plays with a toy horse, dolls, a doll-house and a sheep on wheels; she crouches on the floor. Behind her a boy holds a stick. An older girl talks to the servant, who is dark-skinned, and who holds a baby. It is a family scene perhaps from the American South, and possibly, given the date, the woman servant is free, not a slave, although [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Title Page, Look at the Bright Side]
[picture: Fanny in the Library.]

Fanny in the Library.

A girl sits in a chair gazin out of the window. She rests her chin on her arm. She has a ribbon in her hair tied in a bow, a dress that goes just over her [...] [more...] [$]