Goethe’s Works [Goethes Werke] (page 1/3)

Title: Goethe’s Works [Goethes Werke]

Author: Dünker, H. (Ed.)

City: Stuttgard and Leipzig

Date: 1882

Total items: 22

out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: Titlepage from Works of Goethe]
[picture: Bucolic scene from a glade in a forest.]
[picture: Decorative Initial letter E]
[picture: Decorative initial letter O with cherubs]
[picture: Muse of Poetry, Unlabeled]

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Pictures from the First Volume of Goethes Werke, or the Works of Johann Wolfgang von Göthe [Goethe], illustrated by leading German artists, edited by H. Dünker, Stuttgart & Leipzig, printed by Deutsche Verlagsamstalt (formerly Ed. Hallberger).

These scans were kindly sent to me by Alexey Dombrovsky. Since German copyright, sa I understand it, is life plus 90 years for identified works, some of these images may in fact be under copyright; I have tried to identify the artists from their signatures where I can. Works by Adolf Schill (1848 – 1911) are now out of copyright, as are works by Franz Xavier Simm (1853 – 1918), and unidentfied works are probably out of copyright.

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