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Image title: 59.—Screw Press.
Source: Lodge, Oliver J.: “Elementary Mechanics, Including Hydrostatics and Pneumatics. Revised edition” (1882)
Keywords: machinery, screws, knobs, diagrams, greyscale
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A lever and an inclined plane may be combined together into a screw-press, the incluned plane being coiled up into a spiral or screw-thread (fig. 59). For every complete revolution of the lever, the weight is raised a distance equal to that between the spires of the screw-threads; hence the mechanical advantage of such a press is the circumference of the circle traversed by the force applie dat right angles to the lever, divided by the distance between succes­sive spires of the screw. Wheels and axles are usually combined by means of cogs, as is well seen in the wheel-work of a clock. (p. 138)

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