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[picture: Front Cover, Cambridge]

Front Cover, Cambridge

The front cover; my copy has a dust jacket which is in place in this scan.


[picture: Detail from title page]

Detail from title page

A line drawing of a castle tower with leaves in the foreground.


[picture: Cambridge: Title Page]

Cambridge: Title Page

“CAMBRIDGE Described by Noel Barwell / Pictured by E. W. Haslehust

Blackie & Son Limited, London and Glasgow”


[picture: The Great Court, Trinity College]

The Great Court, Trinity College

“The College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity, though inheriting much from the earlier college—King’s Hall—which was set up by Edward II and his son Edward III, owes almost everything to King Henry VIII. It was typical of this monarch that, after somewhat maltreating Wolsey’s foundation at Oxford and paying not too much attention to Henry VI’s [...] [more...]


[picture: Byron's Pool]

Byron’s Pool

Cambridge is no city of spires. She lies belted with woods in the midst of a wide plain. To south, to west, to east stretches a lowland landscape, delicately moulded, rich in pasture and corn-bearing fields. Northwards a man need ride but a few miles across the fens to hear the bells of Ely, or at twilight to see the lantern of that ancient church preserve [...] [more...]


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