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[picture: The Kitchen Wall, Peterhouse]

The Kitchen Wall, Peterhouse

“But the history of the English Universities must be considered as that of communities into whose lives colleges were introduced for a social rather than a scholastic purpose. Cambridge grew into a seat of learning during the latter half of the twelfth century, but the first College, Peterhouse, was not founded till 1284. Till then, the scholars who [...] [more...]


[picture: The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College]

The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College

Corpus Christi college was founded in A.D. 1352. [more...]


[picture: Erasmus' Tower, Queen's College]

Erasmus’ Tower, Queen’s College

“The fifteenth century saw four more Colleges added to the list of Cambridge Houses: King’s, 1441; Queens’, 1448; St. Catharine’s, 1473; Jesus, 1495.” (p. 22) [more...]


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