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Title Page, Error’s Chains

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The title page is very typical for an 1880s reference work in the USA:

ERROR’S CHAINS: How forged and broken.

A comparative history of the national, social and religious errors that mankind has fallen into and practised from the creation down to the present time.

BY FRANK S. DOBBINS, Late Rsident of Yokohama, Japan,

assisted by

Hon. S. Wells Williams, LL.D., and Prof. Isaac Hall, LL.B., Ph. D.

The former forty years resident in China, late Prof. of Chinese Language and Literature in Yale College, Conn., Author of “The Middle Kingdom,” the Standard Lexico [sic] of China, etc., etc., President of the American Bible Society, etc.; the latter an eminent Orientalist and late Professor of the College of Beirut, Syria, now Associate of the American Oriental Society and the London Society if Biblical Archæology, Associate Editor of the “Sunday-School Times,” etc.

Magnificently Illustrated.

Thirty-Eigth Edition.

STANDARD PUBLISHING HOUSE: New York City. Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, O. Detroit, Mich. Little Rock, Ark. Kansas City, Mo.

Empire Publishing House: Chicago, Ill. Eagle Publishing House: San Francisco, Cal.




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