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[picture: Front Cover, The British Isles (Vol 1)]

Title: The British Isles

Author: Cassell

Published by: Cassell and Company, Limited

City: New York

Date: 1905

Total items: 16

out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

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[picture: Clevedon]
[picture: Gate of St John's Abbey, Colchester]
[picture: Front Cover, The British Isles (Vol 1)]
[picture: On the Edge of Sherwood Forest]
[picture: Bala Town and Lake]

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Chelmsford ·Clevedon ·Colchester ·Cricklade ·Essex ·London ·Merionethshire ·none ·Nottinghamshire ·Oxfordshire ·Sherwood Forest ·Somerset ·Stanton Harcourt ·Westminster ·Wiltshire ·Y Bala ·York ·Yorkshire

Pictures from The British Isles Depicted by Pen and Camera, “with thirty-nine coloured plates and six Rembrandt Photogravures” (Special Edition), published by Cassell and Company Ltd., London, Paris, New York and Melbourne.

The work is divided into three books, each of two sections; my copy is bound into six separate volumes, each containing one of the sections. The books are undated and could be anywhere from 1880 to 1905; the binding bears the date 1905. Books published in the US before 1923 are out of copyright.

The introduction is by Harold Spender, but there is no attribution for the main text.

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