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Title: Bible Symbols

Author: Beard, Frank

Published by: The John A. Hertel Co.

City: Chicago, Toronto, Boston

Date: 1908

Total items: 32

Images from Bible Symbols: The Choicest Passages of God’s Word put in the Fascinating Garb of Pictures by Frank Beard [1842 – 1905] and others; text prepared by Martha Van Marter [born 1839]; Chicago, 1908.

The book is a sort of rebus, in which pictures stand for words, and perhaps help people to remember phrases from the Bible, although not necessarily to understand them or to learn love and tolerance.

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[picture: Fish of the sea, from p. 69]
[picture: The Good Shepherd]
[picture: Money Chest: The Treasury]
[picture: The eagle's Nest, from the book of Deuteronomy ch. 32 v. 11]

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