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Religion, bloody Religion (CaffeineQueen)

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"Religion.. There is not a single religion in this world that is untainted by blood, some more than the others... Wars, massacres and crusades have taken place under the strict name of religion... No hand is clean under the blade of faith"

This is a submission to a photomanipulation contest over at *barefootliam .. All stock photos (Except dagger which is my own) are from *barefootliam-stock, most of which in the "Old Book collection".. Also if anyone wants the highres stock photo (err scan in my case) of the dagger, just tell me and i’ll gladly post it up.. Crits and comments most welcome :D ... man making that book was a pain in the ass haha

[ EDIT ] I’m including a few close up shots of the picture below at 100% so you can see a few of the details i liked about it..

Close up of one of the pages: [link]

Close up of the blade of the bloody dagger (working on that was fun hehehe) [link]





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500 dots per inch



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