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Mr. Edison’s New Phonograph

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Mr. Edison in his laboratory receiving the first phonogram from England.

The inventor, Mr. Thomas Edison, is seated on a wicker chair, one arm over the backrest, the other elbow on the cloth-covered table in front of him, closed hand against the side of his forehead. He has what appears to be a stethescope in his ears, connected to a machine on a wooden box in front of him. A wire leads from the machine to a large flask, and there are also some tubes and a horn-shaped object on the table. Mr. Edison wears a three-piece suit and cravat, and appears relaxed but concentrating. His straight hair has a parting over the right eye.

Phonograph is an old name for a record player; the first ones used cylinders rather than discs, but this had to be changed because “Desert Island Cylinders” wasn’t catchy enough.


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